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EstateSalesMLS.com is owned by DGLM, Inc and is an internet listing service focused on the Estate Sales, Auction, Liquidation and Pop-up industries. Each one of these business types have one thing in common, each are ephemeral in nature. In laymen’s terms ephemeral means its temporary only to last a short period time before they disappear forever. Or even in the simplest of terms - one and done.

Where did this germ of an idea come from? It came from two places. One the owner Douglas A. Glenn a frequent attendee at auctions, estate sales, liquidation events and pop-up enthusiast though “I can do this and do it better!”.  Two the opportunity to clear the clutter and make these activities more presentable, organized and actionable was ripe for a new approach.

The Mission

The mission was to make a new web-based business foundational for the industry with the tools, speed and latest technology that is easy to use and available to everyone. Remove the barriers to entry to everyone that confronts them during a trying time of transition or for someone eager to turn a page and become the entrepreneur they have always dreamed of being.

The Story

The owner Douglas A. Glenn a US Armed Forces Veteran and serial entrepreneur continues to this day to search out for opportunities that spark his imagination and match his abilities to execute. EstateSalesMLS.com is exactly that kind of opportunity he knows how to execute.

Doug a weekend estate sales warrior and online treasure hunter frustrated by all the available tools decided he would try a straightforward approach using his experience and talents. Being an earlier adopter of leading-edge technologies, such as Google when it first launched, he understands the secret sauce needed to lead in this day and age. What is the secret sauce? In no certain order – Speedy Search, Usability, Leading Edge Technologies priced to accommodate all – FREE! Our basic service is FREE and should you want additional features and benefits we will offer them to you at a nominal cost.

The Why

In two words Salvator Mundi. Doug long ago heard the story about this estate sale find before it entered into popular culture and became a world record sale.

Allow me to refresh your memory for a moment. The Salvator Mundi is an authentic work by Leonardo da Vinci painted in 1500 and one of fewer than 20 known works was sold at auction in 2017 for over $450 million. Where did it come from? It was located and purchased at an estate sale auction in of all places in New Orleans, LA for a sum less than $10,000. Since that day the Salvator Mundi painting has had a torrid existence in the press and in the art world worthy of movie. In the near-term Doug hopes he can channel his inner Indiana Jones and find another relic worthy enough to command a price near that of the Salvator Mundi. Until then you’ll see him at this weekend’s upcoming estate sale auction treasure hunting. Until then happy treasure hunting!




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